Defensa Ciudadana's SaaS platform backend

Lawyer SaaS Platfrom Backend

Defensa Ciudadana also known as "Free Law" in Chilie. It is mainly a SaaS platform for lawyers.


Web design & Mobile app


$2700 USD

Live Preview (unavailable)

Currently offline for the frontend maintenance.


May, 2022


Defensa Ciudadana is a SaaS platform for lawyers. Lawyers use it as a dashboard to keep the track of cases. They can also keep track of their past cases and clients via this platform.

To use this platform the lawyers need to subscribe to the monthly plan. If the lawyer is a new user he gets 1 month's free trial.

My work was to develop the full backend with REST API for this website and the project deadline was 15 days.

Note: The main website is currently unavailable due to the ongoing development of the site's user interface.

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